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Taste. For more than 50 years, our chefs have been creatively pursuing this phenomenon. How do you go about guaranteeing the best flavors under any given circumstance, and at all conceivable locations? How do you passionately make food not only incredibly tasty and nutritious, but at the same time respecting the environment?

Our Market Segments

Together with our customers, we strive to be successful. There are no compromises on the different components that make up the quality of meals. We advise on a complete plan of approach: from inventory to implementation.


Where people travel, we travel with them. Our chefs have proven time, and time again, that there’s way more to taste, than the actual word taste, itself. They put together tailor-made food concepts. For in the air, at sea or in the train. Creations of superb dishes that often linger with the traveler.


Food is a really serious business, particularly in healthcare. A probable faster recovery from any ailment requires nutritious food, something to whet your appetite and help you on the road to recovery. And, it’s always better to have healthy food, preferably packed with great flavor and all the essential nutrients. That’s why our chefs and dieticians look at a meal from all different sides.


We’re immensely proud to have the largest ghost kitchen in The Netherlands, which makes us much sought-after to scale up the production of different food brands. We know exactly what to do, and how to take it further.

Food Service.

We’ve got a tailor-made solution for any given situation. Always something nutritious but really tasty, and created entirely to fit your specific requirements. We are flexible. Our food concepts can be rolled out on a small scale, or scaled up on a large scale, depending on your needs. Tasty and full of nutrients, giving you just that edge you need to carry on.